I’m an actor/improvisor/former sketch comedian/sometimes writer based in Los Angeles, CA.
If we were friends in real life, I would hi-five you so hard.

Trivia (via IMDb)
1. Favorite sandwich is a Reuben on Dutch Crunch bread
2. Avid video gamer – favorite games: Final Fantasy series and World of Warcraft
3. Favorite Movie: Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Other Fun Facts:
Tacos, food, and other food. Cooking food.
Dislikes: Some types of food
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Blood Type: Vanilla
Fighting Style: Kenpo Karate, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, but mainly the ancient art of Pagtakbo
Favorite Artificial Flavor: Blue
Thoughts while taking the picture to the left: “That camera reminds me of a donut.” 

I was born [redacted] years ago in the highlands of Los Angeles. Actually, I suppose East Hollywood is in the L.A. basin, which technically makes it the lowlands of Los Angeles. As a child, my parents kidnapped me and raised me ~25 miles south of L.A. in Long Beach, CA. There, I spent much of my formative years, weirding out other kids, getting bowl-shaped haircuts, taking holiday pageants too seriously, and losing my Filipino accent. When I was 17, I was like, “I’m getting the hell out of here,” and ended up at UC, Irvine – former home of the Roundabout sandwich. It was at UCI that I took my first acting class. I was doomed. I spent the rest of my college years under the delusion that I was going to go to medical school and like it. All the while, I kept acting and singing in choir, as well as with my acapella group, Echo Point.

A couple years after college, I joined an Asian-American improv troupe called ROOM TO IMPROV. After joining Room to Improv, I was cast in a sketch comedy troupe that went on to compete and win in several sketch competitions. That group was SKETCHCOMEDYSHOW.COM. While working with SketchComedyShow.com, I decided to become an actor, for realsies, after signing up for ActorsAccess so I could submit for a World of Warcraft voiceover gig.

Currently, I am the Artistic Director of Room to Improv, a gig which provides one of the few reasons I leave my cave. In my “free time,” I enjoy slowly trudging through all the games on my Steam backlog, rolling multi-sided dice in hopes of hitting a natural 20, and lurking on Reddit.

I do improv with Room to Improv 
Going into it’s 12th Season, Room to Improv is an Asian-American improv comedy troupe (one of the few in the nation!) that does mainly short-form improv. We like to dabble in the long-form as well. Room to Improv does a monthly show on the 1st Friday of the Month from September to June. We claim the Two Roads Theatre in Studio City, CA as our base of operations.

I blog for Agents of GUARD
We like stuff – lots and lots of geeky stuff. And we like to write about it. New articles every day covering a large variety of pop-culture topics, including: Video games, comic books, science fiction, movies, television, tabletop gaming, et. al. You’ll catch me blogging every Sunday – usually about video games or Doctor Who. It’s my anti-drug. When I say “drug,” I mean “social life.”

I write for Xylophone Films 
Xylophone Films is a full-service production company that was started over a decade ago by AJ Calomay, Editor extraordinaire.

I used to do sketch comedy with SketchComedyShow.com
SketchComedyShow.com was an award-winning sketch comedy group that won competitions at iO West, the Laugh Factory, and the Hollywood Improv. We performed regularly with the LA Comedy Festival as part of their year-long LA365 series and during their two-week festival runs.


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