I’m an actor/improvisor/former sketch comedian/sometimes writer based in Los Angeles, CA.
If we were friends in real life, I would hi-five you so hard.

Trivia (via IMDb)
1. Favorite sandwich is a Reuben on Dutch Crunch bread
2. Avid video gamer – favorite games: Final Fantasy series and World of Warcraft
3. Favorite Movie: Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Other Fun Facts:
Tacos, food, and other food. Cooking food.
Dislikes: Some types of food
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Blood Type: Vanilla
Fighting Style: Kenpo Karate, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, but mainly the ancient art of Pagtakbo
Favorite Artificial Flavor: Blue
Thoughts while taking the picture to the left: “That camera reminds me of a donut.” 

I was born [redacted] years ago in the highlands of Los Angeles. Actually, I suppose East Hollywood is in the L.A. basin, which technically makes it the lowlands of Los Angeles. As a child, my parents kidnapped me and raised me ~25 miles south of L.A. in Long Beach, CA. There, I spent much of my formative years, weirding out other kids, getting bowl-shaped haircuts, taking holiday pageants too seriously, and losing my Filipino accent. When I was 17, I was like, “I’m getting the hell out of here,” and ended up at UC, Irvine – former home of the Roundabout sandwich. It was at UCI that I took my first acting class. I was doomed. I spent the rest of my college years under the delusion that I was going to go to medical school and like it. All the while, I kept acting and singing in choir, as well as with my acapella group, Echo Point.

A couple years after college, I joined an Asian-American improv troupe called ROOM TO IMPROV. After joining Room to Improv, I was cast in a sketch comedy troupe that went on to compete and win in several sketch competitions. That group was SKETCHCOMEDYSHOW.COM. While working with SketchComedyShow.com, I decided to become an actor, for realsies, after signing up for ActorsAccess so I could submit for a World of Warcraft voiceover gig.

Currently, I am the Artistic Director of Room to Improv, a gig which provides one of the few reasons I leave my cave. In my “free time,” I enjoy slowly trudging through all the games on my Steam backlog, rolling multi-sided dice in hopes of hitting a natural 20, and lurking on Reddit.

I do improv with Room to Improv 
Going into it’s 12th Season, Room to Improv is an Asian-American improv comedy troupe (one of the few in the nation!) that does mainly short-form improv. We like to dabble in the long-form as well. Room to Improv does a monthly show on the 1st Friday of the Month from September to June. We claim the Two Roads Theatre in Studio City, CA as our base of operations.

I co-host a podcast called Pangeekery 
We’re a live weekly video podcast that celebrates all things geek from an all diverse perspective! We stream every Tuesday night at 8pm Los Angeles time on Twitch. Listen to playback on Apple Podcasts or Podbean, searchable through your favorite podcast app! Watch stream playback on our YouTube channel!

I blog for Agents of GUARD
We like stuff – lots and lots of geeky stuff. And we like to write about it. New articles every day covering a large variety of pop-culture topics, including: Video games, comic books, science fiction, movies, television, tabletop gaming, et. al. You’ll catch me blogging every Sunday – usually about video games or Doctor Who. It’s my anti-drug. When I say “drug,” I mean “social life.”

I write for Xylophone Films 
Xylophone Films is a full-service production company that was started over a decade ago by AJ Calomay, Editor extraordinaire.

I used to do sketch comedy with SketchComedyShow.com
SketchComedyShow.com was an award-winning sketch comedy group that won competitions at iO West, the Laugh Factory, and the Hollywood Improv. We performed regularly with the LA Comedy Festival as part of their year-long LA365 series and during their two-week festival runs.


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