Earl Baylon
    On-Camera Department: 
Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ Co-Star SeeSo
Kingdom Co-Star The Audience Network
Kidnap & Rescue Co-Star Discovery
Video Games    
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Jonah (Voice/Performance Capture) Eidos Montreal/Square Enix
Rise of the Tomb Raider Jonah (Voice/Performance Capture) Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix
Tomb Raider Jonah (Voice/Performance Capture) Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix
Dungeon Fighter Online Male Fighter Nexon Co., LTD
Move That Body Co-Lead RawMix Productions
Rebound Lead dir. Sheila Flores/LMU
Marvin Lead dir TJ Tamayo/Art Center
Lumpia with A Vengeance Supporting Kid Heroes/Xylophone Films
Paster Jones: Preaching to the Choir Principal Nu-Lite Entertainment
Ije Principal Xandria Productions
Room to Improv (Ongoing) Artistic Director/Actor Secret Rose Theatre
SketchComedyShow.com Actor/Writer Various Venues
New Media    
Wigs (Webseries) Supporting dir. Matt Edwards/wigsseries.com
Songwriters? Co-Star dir. Justin Quizon
Epic Fist Bump Co-Star SketchComedyShow.com
Available Upon Request    
Improvisation, Scenework, and Monologues – UC Irvine Clair Trevor School of the Arts  
Improvisation – Room to Improv, Lisa Fredrickson, Brian Lohman  
Guitar, Singing (Tenor/Baritone), Martial Arts (Kenpo Karate, Filipino Martial Arts), Accents (British RP, Scottish, Southern, Filipino), Firearms, Stunts (Pratfalls, Squibs), Motion/Performance Capture
Winner of International Sketch Comedy Championship 2008 & 2010 as part of SketchComedyShow.com
Winner of 2008 SketchMatch at iO West as part of SketchComedyShow.com
Nominated for Valley Theatre Awards 2014 & 2017 as part of Room to Improv
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